Bunny Beat Bar

                          A small bar with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Located on the first floor of the hotel, customers can sit and sip chill drinks. Listen to soft music with a snooker table for customers to do activities.


                               Taste Eatery

                        The breakfast room is ready to serve all customers who come to stay with pleasure. Ready to prepare food that is suitable for eating in the morning. So customers receive only good things and ready to travel in Pattaya.



                    Indigo Rooftop Bar

                Rooftop is located on the top floor of the hotel where you can see the beautiful view of Pattaya City. Suitable for relaxing with food and drinks. Or come to organize an event and private parties can be done as well.


                              Meeting Room


                            Stylish rooftop meeting room and can support events, seminars, weddings or parties on various occasions, with a friendly atmosphere which can accommodate up to 50 guests.


                           Fitness Club


                     Fitness center on the top floor of the hotel overlooking Pattaya city. This will make your exercise even more relaxing.